Friday, September 3, 2010

Out of Commission

As a mom, you never want to be out of commission. Especially the first week your kids start school at a new school and your husband starts running a school. It has been a stressful week, needless to say. I have missed the first school day, family fun night, meeting new parents, etc. It is almost as if I do not exist yet. My family talks of this person and that person, as if they are life long friends, and I have yet to meet them all.

My fever started last week Saturday night after our birthday party for DJ. (Thank goodness we celebrated Saturday!). After the kids were in bed, IT began.

It is now Friday at 5:45 pm and I am still medicated for a fever. It will not go away. I went to the doctor on Wednesday, and as usual, he said it was probably a virus. What he does not understand is that I am a mom of 4 children and a wife to an extremely busy, and tired husband right now, so hearing that it is a virus did not make me feel any better.

My house is a mess, laundry is piled to the ceiling (not really, but close), beds are unmade, etc. I have contemplated throwing an adult fit to see if I could actually "fit" it away.

What really saddens me, is that I can never get this week back again.


thedroogfam said...

that is so miserable! hope you are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had been sick - hope that now you have gotten to meet all the people that the rest of the family is talking about.
Really miss you guys!