Thursday, March 27, 2008

Penny Penny Hands Up

Aunt Julie and Cousin Eden came to visit a few weeks ago from the far away state of Texas, so the Droog family had a get-together. It is quite common for the game "penny penny hands up" to be a part of a Droog get- together evening. It is a game that even the little ones can play, and of course it requires being sneaky which they ALL love. If I have posted these pictures correctly, they should show a few stages of the game. At the end, the other team has to guess which person has the penny under their hand. Some of the Droog's are great fakers!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The BIG sister

Emma has been the little sister to DJ and Josie for 4 years. She is so excited to finally be a big sister to Charlie and she is doing an amazing job!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

"Party of Two" Continued

Quite honestly, I look back to our life as two and think it was pretty boring - free, but boring. Don't get me wrong, Jeff and I enjoy eachother's company very much and would love to go on a date once in a while, but I think we all know how that goes when there are 4 kids involved (one being a 5 wk old!!)

Our early married days were spent working A LOT, socializing, exercising, etc. We were both full-time students at a private Christian college, which meant high tuition. Jeff was told at one point from the financial aid guy that he had made more than any other student, ever. That's why we actually ended up paying more for school!! Good incentive to work, huh?! Jeff built hockey rinks and worked for a cleaning company (about 30 hrs a week). I worked at a local grocery store, a group home, and at the college. I ran 3 miles a day, Jeff golfed when he wanted, and together we got together with friends whenever we felt like it. Oooh, the good ole days.

We finished our years of school and moved to Michigan to start our new life. Jeff had a teaching job, so I started looking for work as a social worker. It took about 8 months to get a job in my field, but I got one and we were rolling in the dough! After our first year in Michigan, we bought our first house and started to think about filling it up with more than our two person party. About 7 months later, I was pregnant. Yay!!!

Our 5 years of being a "party of two" was now going to be a "party of three" and we were totally excited.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Party of Two

As the title of our blog indicates we are using this space to journal the different things that happen in the life of our family of six. So, we generally write about our current experiences or situations. We thought it would also be good to let everyone know how we got to this point. So we are going to include a few blogs about how we got to this point in our life.

“Party of Two”

It is a lot easier to go out and get a table at a restaurant as a party of two. Monica and I met when we were both students at Unity Christian High School. We did not know each other very well and we had different groups of friends most of our high school years. We started to notice each other more when we took “Christian Marriage and Family” as a senior year elective course. Monica and I were paired up as a couple to make a budget. Since that spring of 1992 we have been a couple. We dated for our first two years at Dordt College and then got married in June of 1994. I will let Monica tell you more about our life as a “Party of Two.”