Thursday, July 31, 2008


I think training DJ when he was an infant was much easier than it has been training Charlie.

Now that our house has become a 3 bedroom home from previously being a 4 bedroom home, we have 3 kids in one room. Charlie's crib is in with the girls, which causes a big problem when it comes to training him to sleep through the night. (no, he is STILL not sleeping through the night!!)

We have done the method of training where Charlie will start to cry, and we all (yes, all - even DJ downstairs can hear him crying) endure the crying for 10 minutes. Jeff or I will go in and pat him on the back and then let him cry for 15 min., then we go in and pat him on the back and we continue on in this pattern. Well, the first night we were all awake for a good hour or more. Of course, Charlie decided to do this a few times during the night. Needless to say, our whole family was exhausted by the time the sun popped up!

We have now set up a nice comfy "bed" downstairs in DJ's room, on the floor for the girls, until Charlie is sleeping completely through the night. It is amazing how much a little person can change everything that has been established for years!

Maybe if DJ had been number 4, he would have been the same as Charlie.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Time Fun!

Oops! Got some hair with this one!

Summer rec ball for Josie and DJ.

All ready for our trip to Michigan (Yes, they were all awake at 4:30am!)

On the playground at Lake Michigan in South Haven.

The Pier!
The kids with their good friends, the Batts girls - Madelyn, Audrey and Ellie (except Charlie, who missed out on the whole lake thing because he was hungry.)

We have been busy having fun this Summer. We have done some traveling, some swimming, some laking, some summer rec for the kids and some staying home for "family night". We still have a few more fun things up our sleeve, but we will have to be quick because the days are dwindling fast!